Library of Congress FCU and Mikael Hallstrom canmay help you with your current financial situation, whether you are just starting out, building your assets, or are more experienced. 

e bring you investment services and insurance products as well as informational articles, seminars – online and in person, resource links, and more. 

Some of the services we offer are: 

Retirement Analysis
Understand your current financial situation and risk tolerance levels.

College Planning
costs are growing even faster than your kids! There is a wide array of tools available to help with college funding. Decide what steps you need to take to save for your child's future.

Long-Term Care Protection
You should have the best insurance coverage to suit your needs for long-term personal or medical care. This coverage will be invaluable to you if you should develop a chronic or disabling condition, which can happen later in life.

Estate Conservation
Don't forget to conduct an analysis for the accumulation, maintenance, and distribution of your property/wealth according to your wishes. Proper preparation may help reduce the tax burden on your beneficiaries and preserve your wealth for future generations.

Annuities and Life Insurance
Better understand when to consider additional life insurance or an annuity as well as the variety of options available for each. Discover if these cost-effective ways to build wealth and pass on inheritance are right for you. 

Qualified Plans for Small Business Owners
Small business owners can maximize owner benefits and minimize costs to the business.


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